NATO Course 5615

ContentsBooks and other references

  1. Lockheed T-33 by David McLaren, Schiffer Publishing: Atglen, PA 1998, ISBN 0-7643-0646-4
    This book provides a photo chronicle of the T-33 (Silver Star, or T-Bird) including shots and commentary of T-birds in foreign service, including Canada, and also civilian T-Birds. The RCAF sold 40 of its surplus T-Birds to civilian use -- mostly to the US.
  2. Harvard! the North American trainers in Canada by David C. Fletcher & Doug Macphail, DCF Flying Books: Dundas, Ontario 1990, ISBN 0-9693825-0-2
    Excellent photos, commentary, plans and a list of the history of every Harvard delivered to the RCAF. Some crash photographs are spectacular (e.g. page 170).

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