Al Pearce’s picture gallery NATO Course 5615

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Terrance Patrick O'Neil at Centralia during basic training

Warren Maybee in his open top automobile

Canucks milling around at Centralia PFTS

Norm Shruiff—“Himself” at Penhold

John Calahan down at the flight room at Penhold

John Callahan (left) and Al Pearce dressed for dinner at Penhold

Friends celebrating Tom Harrison's birthday, Nordegg, Alberta August 25 1957

Mert Rose, Norm Shruiff and Tom Harrison at Nordegg

Andy Green challenging the outhouse at Nordegg (must be desperate!)

Barrie Hall, Penhold 1957

BrianFarrel, Penhold 1957 flight room

John Callahan, Gerhard Kennedy, Bill Ferguson, “Doc” Berry and unkown—Penhold flight room

Norm Shruiff and Jack Watson hose just-soloed Don Hindle as John Bewick watches at Penhold

Ted Portlock and Barrie Hall in their Penhold room

Norm Shruiff, Warren Maybee, & Don Hindle with Norm's Beetle

Tom Harrison in the Penhold B-Flight room

Warren Maybee and Dave "Crusher" Ford eliminating any flying competition

Norm Shruiff at Penhold

Terrance Patrick O'Neil at official CF-100 demise—1981

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