Characterization of rocky shoreline at a control site

Station KML 111/99: Grafton Bay via Barton Road,

Location: seaward of Cowper Residence

Time: 1000-1330 Aug. 9, 1999

Predicted low tide: 0.56m at 1031 [Gibson's Landing]

Weather: cloudy, no precipitation

Wave exposure: semi-protected

The shoreline at Grafton Bay ranges from a small muddy-sand flat headed by a small stream, through low relief cobble beach to higher relief boulder and bedrock beach.

The transect was set up approximately 100 m west of the sand flat and, more precisely, 29m west of concrete supports for a pier. The substrate is a mix of boulder and bedrock

with a slope of approximately 20 degrees. The transect was 12 m long and extended over an elevation of 0 to 4.7 m above 0 tidal datum. This elevation is approximately equal to the maximum tidal amplitude (0 to 5.1 m). Quadrats were set at ½ m intervals from 0 to 4.5 m.

The beach topography, location of the transects, location of quadrats together with characterization of the biota are given on the following pages.