Characterization of muddy-sand flat at Pacificat wave impacted site

Station KML 114/99: Arbutus Bay via Arbutus Bay Road

Location: seaward of Gary Ander residence

Time: 0900-1215 Aug. 11, 1999

Predicted low tide: 0.53m at 1210 [Pt. Atkinson]

Weather: cloudy, no precipitation

Wave exposure: semi-exposed

A road just west of the Ander Residence extends down to a boat ramp leading onto the west side of a 46 meter broad muddy-sand beach. A stream (Josephine Creek) enters the beach through a one foot diameter pipe in a wall. The stream spreads over much of the beach sinking into the sand. A cobble/boulder barrier is located along the lower end of the east side of the beach. Bedrock borders the beach on each side. The beach has a similar exposure to that at station 113/99 (Fairweather Coast slightly less than 1 mile to the west). The top of the beach is headed by berm fronted by large logs. There is a flat grass lawn in back of the berm. Log debris has accumulated just below the berm at the top of the beach. According to Mr. Ander, winter storms have battered the berm and the lawn behind it.

The transect was set with the upper end adjacent to the berm and at a measured distance from two points along the boat ramp. The transect was 57.6m long with quadrats set at ½ m intervals from 1.0m to 4.5m. The slope was 3º at the lower end and 4-5º at the upper end.

The beach topography, location of the transects, location of quadrats together with characterization of the biota are given on the following pages.