Photopage 5

Station KML 111/99: Grafton Bay via Barton Road,

Upper left: underside of rock next to 1.5m quadrat, note sea star

	shield limpet			few

	blue mussel			few

	common barnacle			common

	brown barnacle			common

	kelp fleas			common

	hermit crab			few

	purple shore crab		1

	drab shore crab			few

	tan bryozoan crust		common

	purple/brown sea star		1


Upper right: 1.5m quadrat, at 10.00m on transect line; black dot on frame is seaward side.

					% cover	number

		rock				30
		brown crust			10
		rock weed			3 clumps
		shield limpet			3
		common barnacle			10
		brown barnacle			50

Lower: 1.0 m quadrat, at 12.06m on transect line; black dot on frame is seaward side [68KB]

					% cover	number

	rock				60
	green filament			25
	shield limpet			3
	blue mussel			2
	common barnacle			10
		(Not shown:  underside of rocks at 1.0 m)
	shield limpet			common
	hermit crab			2
	blue mussel			1
	purple shore crab		2
	common barnacle			common
	drab crab			common
	brown barnacle 			common
	tan bryozoan crust		common
	sphere pill bug			1
	purple/brown sea star  		1

In Region at 1.0m: Pacific oysters, green urchins, red rock crab, japanese weed

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