Outline of the Normal Dallas and Mallory Smith
ferry marshalling proposals for Bowen Island


  1. Introduction
  2. Norma Dallas' ferry marshalling proposal
  3. Mallory Smith's ferry marshalling proposal


There are two ferry marshalling variants that place a multi-lane marshalling area within the park North of the Government Road, rather than relying on a marshalling road with no more than two lanes. One is a proposal by Normal Dallas, of Bowen Marina fame. The other is by Mallory Smith, known to some as a realtor for a while, until his second retirement!

Both of them continue to use Government Road for two-lane off-loading. Norma describes hers as "an interim solution" pending a better solution (such as the South Side) and it is designed to be simple and easily reversible. Mallory's is intended as a more permanent solution and, while the proposal presented allows for "One Capilano" worth of vehicles, he feels it could be expanded. Norma's proposal relies on people to fill and empty the marshalling lanes correctly on trust . Mallory's proposal provides a technological solution to traffic control based on automatic gates and lights.

Both are described in the words of the proposers, with a little re-formatting in places to cope with the demands on web presentation.

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Norma Dallas' ferry marshalling proposal

The following diagram and text were supplied by Norma Dallas to illustrate and explain what she has described as an "interim solution" to the ferry marshalling problems faced by Bowen Island and, in particular, Snug Cove and Government Road.

Figure 1: Illustrative diagram of Norma Dallas scheme for ferry marshalling
(Click image to enlarge)

Norma Dallas has worked on various aspects of the Snug Cove and Bowen Marina future and has an extensive collection of archival document. Two recent documents of immediate relevance to the ferry marshalling problems are: (1) a she wrote to the Mayor and Council on July 22 2003; and (2) her submission to the 2004 review process for the Snug Cove Village Plan, Draft V

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Mallory Smith's ferry marshalling proposal

Mallory Smith developed a proposal for Snug Cove ferry marshalling many years ago. Since then he has refined and improved it. The most up-to-date version of his proposal was submitted to the ferry commitee and a subsequent memo to Grant Chitty provides some additional information about the proposal.

Like Normal Dallas' scheme, it uses part of the North Park for a multi-lane marshalling area and also includes enhancements of the area around the ferry dock, including the Bowen Marina. Unlike Norma's scheme, it uses automatic lights and gates to control the ferry traffic and rationalises the parking around the library in order to provide a continuous "greensward" up the North side of Trunk Road. Instead of developing the area around the ferry terminal, Mallory suggests that the Northern end of Trunk Road, just East of the old gas station, should be made available for commercial development.

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