Ferry marshalling and the future:
memorandum from mallory Smith to Grant Chitty
January 4th 2004 08:00 hrs

To: Grant Chitty

From: Mallory Smith

Subject: Ferry Marshalling and Future



I believe I have distributed several copies of my proposal to members of the Ferry Committee, but I have not heard a reaction. Does this mean that the Committee has made up its mind on the SS proposal?

Do you suppose I could make a presentation to the Committee on the system I am recommending (which is posted above the boxes at the Post Office) as I believe it is safe, less expensive, and capable of being expanded to twice the size, still leaving greensward on Trunk Road for the arrivals to exclaim about.

I first made this proposal in a vastly modified form to the GM many years ago, but they wanted none of it and said it was a BC Ferries problem. This newest version includes many variations from the first:

There are many other pluses to the plan, not the least of which is my hope that the area between the old gas station and the new library loop road can eventually be sold for commercial development, screened from Trunk load, with its own parking, so that Snug Cove remains the primary commercial portion of the island, and we maintain the natural beauty of the foliage bordering Trunk Road. I recognize that the OCP will need work, and that rezoning will have to occur, but consider that a deal could be struck with GVRD under this scenario, that would allow them to sell commercial lots (now zoned commercial) in this area on the basis of giving us the necessary land for the library loop road, the library parking, and the ferry marshalling area. If we could get GVRD to agree to this plan in general, it would provide the least expensive solution now and in the future to ferry access/egress, while improving flow, safety and appearance, while preventing forever the heedless rush from the Dorman/Miller/Mt. Gardner intersection of late arrivers who see a green light at the ferry and zoom down Trunk Road to get on, totalling ignoring speed limits, bumps and pedestrians. It would also improve mental attitudes when traffic is parked in the current ferry lane without car occupants, who may be getting coffee, crullers and the like, and have no intention of catching the ferry in port for loading, causing frustration all the way up the hill while people have to pull out into the through lane in order to load.

If you have not predetermined that the South Shore system is the only one the Committee will consider, I respectfully request you give same time to these thoughts, and the charts (more are available) that explain the mechanics of the system.


Mal Smith (mallorysmith@shaw.ca)

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