Please note that the photgraphs of orcas and seals in the following list are the intellectual property of Lifeforce/Peter Hamilton and may not be used for any other purpose. All rights reserved.

To obtain photographs contact Lifeforce 604-669-4673. To view full scale images (size in brackets), click small image.

Please note that the full images are large and take some time to load.

  1. Orcas off Point Grey and approaching Bowen(365KB)
  2. Orcas approaching Bowen Island and ferry routes (380KB)
  3. Orcas off Point Atkinson approaching Bowen Island (361KB)
  4. Map of resident orca travel areas (17KB))
  5. Popham Island chain seal rookery (384KB)
  6. Popham Island chain seal rookery (387KB)
  7. Popham Island chain seal rookery (383KB)
  8. Looking South over Popham Island seal rookery towards ferry (shipping) lane (369KB)

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