February 17. 1998

Open letter to Bowen Islanders

BC Ferries wishes to respond to concerns expressed by the residents of Bowen Island

BC Ferries continues to research options to improve cost an operating efficiencies on many of its routes and services, and Bowen Island is no exception. No decisions have been made with respect to specific proposals for Bowen Island. Further, no operational changes will take place on this route without consultation.

Contrary to information provided on board the vessel, the facts are:

BC Ferries recognizes that Bowen Island residents and the Advisory Committee were frustrated with the lack of communication regarding proposed service changes. On January 23rd, BC Ferries representatives met with Bowen Island's elected elected officials and other representatives to discuss a new process for consultation based on open, honest dialogue and a commitment from both BC Ferries and the Bowen Island Advisory Transportation Committee to work together.

The details of this new consultation process are still being developed. BC Ferries commits to a meeting in public once a recommended process is in place.

BC Ferries is committed to improving its fiscal performance while working closely with local communities to ensure that customers receive the best possible service available at an affordable price. It is anticipated that, by more efficient utilization of the Queen of Capilano, BCFC could save between $2.5M to $3.5M annually.

We look forward to working with your ferry advisory committee and we invite you to become part of our consultation process. Please look for information and notices of open houses on the vessel and in your local paper. If you have any questions, please contact the Bowen Island ferry information line at (604) 788-0105.



Glen A. Brown
Executive Vice-President
Inter-Island Services

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