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November 30,l998

Honourable Christine Stewart, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Environment
Room 658, Confederation Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA6

Dear Christine:

I have brought to your attention an issue, the expansion of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, that could have serious environmental impact, and I must now bring another disturbing environmental issue concerning British Columbia Ferries Corporation to your attention.

The BC Ferries Corporation is currently undertaking sea trials on its new high speed ferry in the waters around Bowen Island, Horseshoe Bay and waters around the District of West Vancouver. Initial tests of this ferry have caused serious damage to the waterfront due to the high wake these vessels make. In one instance, larger logs have been thrown onshore which could have resulted in serious, if not fatal injury. The wakes are tearing away at the waterfront and causing determinate damage.

I am attaching documentation on this environmental concern and I will forward photos within a couple of days to further document this environmental, safety and sea-life hazard.

I ask you again, to intercede and halt these sea trials until an environmental impact study can be initiated or, at least, guidelines enacted to ensure no further damage results.

Thank you for your assistance and attention. Your intervention would ensure the safety of the communities involved and the protection of the environment.



John Reynolds, MP
West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast

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