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January 14, l999


To: Mr. Bert Paul

Re: Maurice Gagne - Harbourmaster

Further to our conversation of today, I have again spoken with the Office of the Minister of Transport. The Ministerís special assistant for BC affairs, Naina Sloan, will neither confirm nor deny the appointment of Howard Wilson, ethics counsellor, to look into the above said appointment.

Ms. Sloan informs me that the Ministerís office is in the process of investigating the concern raised by interested and/or grieved parties and by Mr. Reynolds. She further informs me that the Minister has instructed his officials to treat the complaints seriously and he is prepared to take the appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation of Mr. Gagne. Further, the appropriate action will be commensurate with what the investigation finds, if in fact, there is conflict of interest.

Ms. Sloan said she would provide an update again today, should she find that Mr. Wilson is involved in the investigation and provide any further information as appropriate.

In my opinion, I believe that the Minister is concerned with the appearance of conflict and that he has instructed his officials to treat the issue as urgent, requiring immediate resolution.

I informed the Ms. Sloan of the meeting on Bowen Island this evening and that it was becoming public issue and attracting media attention.

Tim Kuash
Office of John Reynolds, MP

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