To: Mr. Glen Brown,
V-P Inter-Island Services,
BC Ferry Corporation

File No. 06-02-01

99 January 22

Dear Sir

Re: Anticipated policing concerns - redeployment of M.V. "Queen of Capilano"

It appears that the redeployment of the Queen of Capilano could become a reality, therefore this detachment would like to identify some policing concerns which, in our opinion, will result. To this end we would request that BC Ferry Corporation management seek solutions before the proposed changes take place.

This [past] year, our detachment, the masters of the Queen of Capilano, West Vancouver School Board, and members of the community undertook an extensive project to control unruly behaviour on the ferry during the daily school runs. This undertaking has proved very successful and behaviour on the ship is light years ahead of past years. This level of behaviour has been maintained by the presence of a Bowen Island youth worker riding and interacting with the students during the runs. The results of our combined endeavour can be confirmed with the masters of the vessel and Ann Carpenter, your [] manager.

The basis of our success was keeping the students together under supervision in the lounge area of the ship. Should the Howe Sound Queen be transferred to this run, a strategy on how to deal with massive groups of students on a fragemented ship will have to be developed. I would point out that, prior to this year, behaviour on the ferry was a priority concern with this detachment and your staff. Additionally, it was a constant source of aggravation for Bowen Islanders. If we don't give this some serious thought, we will be back to square one with this problem.

Secondly, traffic congestion on Bowen Island will become a policing nightmare. This is an overwhelming problem during the summer and, with more cars in the line uo, we would expect that the BC Ferry Corporation would send staff over to the Island to marshall the long line of cars. We have consistent problems with drivers cutting into the lines and, on may occasions, agressive and violent behaviour has resulted.

The general policing of the island is our responsibility. However, I can assure you that we will not, under any circumstances, detail resources for traffic control of the ferry line up.

Members of our staff [] look forward to meeting with you to discuss this matter further.

[Signed] Wayne Mossman, Corporal
NCO in charge of the Bowen Island Detachment

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