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December 4, l997

George Morfitt, FCA
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Dear Sir,

On Nov. 27, 1997, Bowen Island Local Trustee Tracy Chambers and I forwarded a request to your office asking that you exercise your discretion to launch an audit of the affairs of the B.C. Ferry Corporation. It has come to our attention, through the laudable efforts of Bowen Island resident Elbert Paul, that we were perhaps not clear enough in our terminology, not stating specifically that we would like to see a value-for-money audit.

Lest there be any confusion, our own request was inspired by a suggestion that Mr. Paul had made at a public meeting on Bowen Island on Nov. 26, l997. In that context, we would like to repeat our request and to endorse unreservedly the terms of reference set out in Mr. Paulís letter of Dec. 2, l997. We also urge you to take action immediately. The burden of an obscenely unfair rate increase weighs heavily on all the residents of the coastal communities that depend upon B.C. Ferries, a burden which is especially unwelcome at this time of year.

We look forward to an early response.



Richard Littlemore

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