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Jan 5/1999

Hon. Dan Miller
151, Box 9060
Victoria, B.C. V8W 9N3

Re: Removal of Queen of Capilano from Bowen Island ferry run.

As you are aware, the B.C. Ferry Corporation has put in place a plan to reduce the current ferry service to and from Bowen Island and at the same time increase the fares. No matter what language is used regarding the number of ferries, the maintained frequency of sailings, the present and future perceived needs of Bowen Islanders, it must be recognized that the B.C. Ferry Corp. has again acted short of reasonable consultation, as it did last year when drastic fare increases were instituted. The net result is a higher cost to the user for reduced services.

The consultative process, both then and now, is contravened based on the terms of reference of the stakeholders liaison committee. Bowen Island again faces the spectre of arbitrary decision making, this in the face of facts that determine this treatment to be patently unfair.

The Corporation has again singled out the Bowen Island run for unreasonable treatment. The ever increasing population on Bowen Island have specific mainland work schedules and often operate within budget limits as they strive to provide for their families. When faced with a reduced service in the face of increased ridership, and when faced with fares that have become unreasonable, the hardship becomes unmanageable for many. These people form the heart of the group who are appealing to you and to the Corporation to act with compassion and with a demonstrated concern for their plight.

It is well understood by us all, that cost-effectiveness is the order of the day, however, it is not reasonable to achieve cost-effectiveness for an entire corporation by adjusting service and pricing to the Bowen Island run where overloads and sailing waits are the order of the day.

As the MLA for West Vancouver/Garibaldi, I am representing a specific group of individuals on Bowen Island who have demonstrated a totally reasoned response to the hard and fast decisions of the B.C. Ferry Corp. I find their conclusions, which have been expressed to the Corporation, and to your office, to be rational and deserving of your serious and prompt action, to inject fairness into the process.

I appeal to you to assure those who face real hardship over the new proposed plan, that the Ministry is listening and is responsive to the electorate.

Best regards,


Ted Nebbeling, MLA
West Vancouver-Garibaldi

cc: Mr. Tom Ward, President, B.C. Ferry Corporation
Mr. Gordon Campbell, Leader of the Opposition
Mr. John Reynolds, M.P.
Mr. Richard Littlemore, GVRD Director
Islands Trust Representatives
Bowen Island Advisory Transportation Committee Members

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