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As we move into the Holiday Season the pace of challenges and the activity level in the West Vancouver/Garibaldi riding, have continued at a high level.

A major problem with the B.C. Ferry Corporation has now come to a head with drastic increases in fares imposed on the system users by a government who, in the final analysis, completely ignored the input of the major stakeholders, advisory groups and committees which devoted their time to discussion, analysis and careful consideration of the issues. Their work and their conclusions were overruled or disregarded by Cabinet.

I have met with the residents of the affected area and have submitted responses and alternative options, calling for the open public process to be respected and reinstated by the government. Bowen island residents are calling for a value for money audit of the B.C. Ferry Corporation, which has unfairly distributed new high fare rates, assigning them to some routes not deserving of an increase.

The research and report we have prepared are serious and credible efforts, demanding the attention of government. Much more work remains here. I will continue to be involved and to push hard for the application of a ‘fairness doctrine’.

Up and down the Sea to Sky corridor other major issues have prompted me to devote considerable time to act on behalf of those who want to preserve the pristine nature of the area and to stop the deterioration so that the priority of recreation will continue to be recognized.

An issue that will impact all the communities on the Sea to Sky Corridor is the proposed Liquid Natural Gas storage facility at McNab Creek.

Hundreds of constituents have contacted me to express their strong opposition to such a plan.

Safety and visibility concerns are two issues most often motivating people to speak against this storage tank concept.

There are a number of questions that must be answered before we go any further on this application. Is this storage facility comparable with the long term plans for Howe Sound/West Vancouver area, as stated in lower mainland growth strategy?

The answer is clear when we consider that this area is identified as a recreation area for the lower mainland population and that the expected doubling of the lower mainland residential population will put even further pressure on usage of the area. The answer to this is clearly, ‘no’, the storage facility is not compatible with the other objectives for the usage of this area.

Is it safe for the population around Howe Sound and West Vancouver to have 50,000,000 gallons of LNG stored so close to such a large urban area? The reassurance of safety, coming from the proponents, is delivered with sincere and strong evidence that there is no reason to worry. If this is so, then why is the proponent not building this facility in the urban area where the LNG is to be used? The usage area is the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

Finally, there is a concern over the visual impact of this project. There is no excuse to pollute the visual quality for residents and visitors to this area. It will certainly undermine the charm and natural beauty of the landscape, which is a violation of long term plans for Howe Sound and the surrounding area.

No one would consider building a sewage treatment plant next to the Vancouver Convention Center, nor should one consider building the LNG storage facility right in the middle of our regional backyard.

Again, an open public hearing, an opportunity for all of you to voice your concerns, is called for, but not offered. I am challenging the B.C. Utilities Commission to be responsible trustees of the public good and to facilitate opportunities for all types of input from all individuals and stakeholder groups.

In closing, I want to leave you with my final thoughts for 1997.

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Constituency of West Vancouver/Garibaldi, firstly, in the capacity as the Opposition Forests Critic, and now, secondly, as the Opposition Critic for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Many of you who are my friends have spoken to me, met with me, and have written to my office about issues close to you. I want you to continue to do this as I go into ‘98 in your service.

The very best of the Holiday Season to each of you and to your families.

You can contact me by phone, fax, or E-mail me at

Ted Nebbeling, M.L.A.
West Vancouver/Garibaldi

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