Police target unruly behaviour on ferry


(The Bowen Island Undercurrent, October 23rd 1998, p1: with permission)

As a result of behaviour on the Queen of Capilano, Bowen Island RCMP, the Superintendent of Schoools for West Vancouver and the BC Ferry senior management have developed a contingency plan to curb the unruly behaviour on the ship during the school runs.

This initiatiove combines random monitoring and disciplinary action for students observed breaking the ship's code of conduct. As a result of one student behaviour aboard the ship last week a six-day suspension of ferry priviliges was ordered after a tribunal of BC Ferry management, school officials and RCMP investigation the Bowen Island detachment [sic] in consultation with BC Ferry Corporation decided to deal with it outside of the court system.

Parents of children on the school run are encouraged to get involved in helping to solve this problem and may call the detachment with any suggestion or observations. Commuters on the school run are reminded that unruly or destructive behaviour on the ferry witll be strictly dealt with.

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