Mitchell wants ferry changes for Bowen


(The Bowen Island Undercurrent, February 7th 1992, p1: with permission)

A West Vancouver MLA is calling for changes in the operation of the B.C. Ferries Bowen island route.

"After receiving representations from numerous residents of Bowen Island, and following consultation with B.C. Ferries, it is clear to me that there is room for improvement and a need to try some new ideas." says David Mitchell, MLA for West Vancouver-Garibaldi.

Afetr making his recommendation to B.C. Ferries president Frank Rhodes, Mitchell called for the following initiatives:

The MLA also encouraged the Bowen Island Transportation Committee to play a more active role in helping to both manage the relationship with B.C. Ferries and improve communication among residents of the island.

Meanwhile, the B.C. Ferry Corporation has increased all of its fares on all 26 of its routes, the company says it is meeting a government demand for to reduce taxpayer subsidy of ferry operations.

Fares have increased on average 6 per cent. As well, additional increases for oversize passenger vehicles (such as motor homes and vans), and buses will reduce an unfair discrepancy between these vehicles and commercial vehicles travelling on the ferry.

Assured loading tickets will also receive an additional increase.

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