Ferry review now underway


(The Bowen Island Undercurrent, April 24th 1992, p1: with permission)

B.C. Ferries president and CEO Frank Rhodes has announced a comprehensive review of fleet operating procedures and an evaluation of the safety and navigation on all corporation vessels is under way.

"At my request the review panel has begun a complete and comprehensive assessment of the corporation's standards and operating procedures," Rhodes said. "The panel will assess corporate policies and vessel operation procedures, proficiency standards, and personnel training. There will also be an evaluation of navigation aids used aboard corporation vessels."

Rhodes said the review did not indicate deficiencies in coporation operating policies or vessel equipment nor would it replace the corporation's own extensive, internal evaluation mechanisms.

"The review panel has been instructed to critically evaluate the operational system to see if improvements can be made," Rhodes said. "With increased commercial and recreational traffic and changes in vessel technologies, B.C. Ferries must assure the public that the highest standards for operations equipment, proficiency, and safety will be maintained."

Serving on the panel will be Captain David Bremner (Retired), Supt. of Ship Safety, Canada Coast Guard, and Brett Joyce, president of the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers Union.

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