Whales 'play' with boats as pod circles the Island

by Maggie Cumming

(The Bowen Island Undercurrent, July 10th 1992, p1: with permission)

Three pods of whales passed Cowan's Point and the South side of the Island about a quarter of a mile off shore on Friday, July 3rd. Unlike some earlier sightings, when whales passed very close to the rocks but wasted no time, the pods spent over half an hour circling lazily around and popping up beside the small boats--almost as though they were playing with them.

Old ti,ers at Cowan's Point agreed that the number of sightings of whales have increased dramatically over the last few years. Other marine-oriented changes we have noticed are regular visits from herons, many more eagles and the presence of several families of Canada geese. During the summer, these geese travel, usually single file, by sea from bay to bay. They feed on the green seaweed on the beach or the grass above and then return to the salt water. We are wondering if other residents of Bowen have noticed similar behaviour pattern changes on other parts of the island's shore line.

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