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This site is intended to provide a variety of information: some as a public service on general topics, especially topics related to the West coast; and some related to my professional activities.

FireThorne Consulting

FireThorne Consulting is a sole proprietership which provides a variety of specialist services connected with computers and their use. My current primary activities comprise R&D (including preparation of science submissions for SR&ED claims); project technical review; computer-human interaction research (particularly speech recognition and synthesis); writing; and computer consulting services. My resumé provides an indication of my background and experience which includes:

Bowen Island Ferry Service

The current hot topic is ferry marshalling in the context of planning the future of Snug Cove, the main commercial centre of Bowen Island, where the ferry currently manoeuvres into the dock at the end of the main village street and disgorges its increasing number of cars through what should be a peaceful village. You can't have a peaceful, pedestrian-oriented village which also serves as a ferry marshalling yard.

A new website “Snug Cove Revitalisation” explains the issues around the incompatibility of a pleasant village that tries to be a marshalling yard, and lays out the obvious solution to all the problems, including aerial photos and links to various Snug Cove planning documents that propose various unworkable alternatives.

Ferries are always a hot topic for West Coast Island communities. At the time of the fast ferry debate, considerable information was made available on the FerryCURE web site. The site is now retained for archival purposes. ("FerryCURE stands" for Ferry Coalition of Users to Restore Equity), and was originally started when the Bowen Ferry Fares were suddenly increased, but the site added other information as time went on, including material relevant to the Fast Ferries.

Please visit, and gain a little insight into the trials of Island life, and the workings of our great Province and municipality.

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